The Benefits of Getting Your Documents Organized with POM Vault

It’s time to start organizing your documents! Becoming a Vaultholder is a step to ensuring you are protected, you are organized, and you have a secure place to keep your family’s important paperwork safe, private, and accessible. 

We have already set up over 150 “lockboxes” in your personal vault. We help guide you all the way!

POM Vault was built around the idea of giving our Vaultholders peace of mind. So much so that we named the vault after this way of thinking. Check out 8 benefits of POM Vault and start organizing your documents.

1. Being Prepared

Getting and keeping your family documents organized is one of the keys to managing all the curveballs life throws our way. The ability to keep all of your important paperwork such as insurance, certificates, policies, and even family photos organized and in one place will help ensure you’ll always know where to find them.

2. Easy to Use

Uploading documents and photos is as easy as the click of a button. Simply sign up for your free 30-day trial and we will walk you through scanning a document with your phone and saving it directly to your personal vault.

3. Saves Time

How much time have you spent looking for an important document that was filed away years ago in an old cabinet? Unfortunately, many of us have been there countless times. But the days of wasting time searching through piles of papers are over. Once you’ve created a POM Vault account, you’ll have instant access to all of your documents organized the way you want.

4. Affordable

Organize all of your life’s documents for only $12/month, and the first 30 days are a free trial with no obligation to continue. POM Vault is an affordable solution to securing your information for a lifetime.

5. Mobile Access

Not only will you have digital access to a lifetime of documents on your desktop, but Vaultholders can access and manage all of their information on mobile. If you’re ever in a situation when you can’t get to your computer, POM Vault is at your fingertips 24/7. 

6. Eliminates Stress

The stress of not being able to find an important document when you need it most can weigh heavily on your mind. Knowing that you’ll need to spend hours on the phone to get replacement paperwork can also add to this stress and have you put it off. POM Vault eliminates all of that worry by organizing your documents online and giving you access to whatever you need whenever you need it.

7. Unlimited Uploads

Whether you’re just managing your own documents and photos, or you have an entire extended family to manage, Vaultholders are able to upload unlimited information to their accounts. You begin with 20GB of storage (thousands of documents) and can add more. There is no cut off, no more deciding if one document is more important than another, and no more worrying that something isn’t accessible.

8. Private and Secure

POM Vault is safe, secure and fully private. All of your files are stored in secure lockboxes within a private cloud, and only you can access these lockboxes and grant access to keyholders. We have the highest grade security with end-to-end 256k encryption. Which, if you didn’t know, is the same security banks, investment companies, and governments systems. No one, not even our staff, can access your vault.

POM Vault Gives You Peace of Mind

We are now offering a 30-day free trial to experience the peace of mind everybody should feel when it comes to getting your documents organized. In the 30 days, we’ll walk you through how to upload to your private vault and organize your personal lockboxes. With access to everything that a paying Vaultholders have, you’ll experience all of the benefits of POM Vault right away! Check it out for yourself and sign up today!

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