Keeping Your Accounts Safe with Two-Factor Authentication

As technology and the digital world continue to grow, daily life has become easier to manage. Maybe even less stressful. However, with all the positive impact that smart technology has had, it has also made the vital information your store online easier to hack. Enter two-factor authentication. When we are constantly entering our social security numbers, credit card numbers, and countless other pieces of personal information into the world wide web, it’s more important than ever to make sure you are safe and secure. 

What is Two-Factor Authentication?

Have you ever logged into an online account and before gaining access you’re asked a question, or get sent a text or email with a code? That’s two-factor authentication. It is an added layer of security for your accounts that requires two layers of authentication to prove you are…well, you. After following the second authentication prompts, you will be safely logged into your account. 

Different Type of Two-Factor Authentication

There are a handful of different types of two-factor authentication methods you have likely experienced.

  • Hardware Tokens
    • This is a piece of hardware that you can keep near your laptop or desktop that will display a code whenever a user tries to login to their account. This method is a bit outdated and not as commonly used anymore.
  • SMS Text-message
    • After entering your login information to an account, the site that your account lives on will text you a one-time code to enter into your accounts site before being granted access. 
  • Software Tokens
    • Software tokens require users to download and install a specific app on your smart device or desktop that will generate time sensitive one-time codes for them for any compatible applications. 
  • Push Notifications
    • This type of two-factor authentication is used by sending users notifications to various devices any time there is an attempted login made to their account. This notification includes the location of the login and gives you the ability to confirm or deny whether this was you making the attempt. 

Your Information is Safe with POM Vault

POM Vault takes your privacy seriously. Not only do we keep your documents safe with end-to-end encryption and the highest grade security used by banks, investment companies, and governments, we will ensure that your accounts are safe using two-factor authentication. You can always count on POM Vault to provide the highest level of security and safety.

If you want to know more about the many benefits of POM Vault, check out our benefits page and find out more about keeping your documents and accounts safe, private, and accessible. 

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