Get Started Using Your POM Vault

Whether you are currently a POM Vaultholder, or still considering becoming a member, this blog is for you! Today we’re going to walk you through how to use a POM vault. 

We want to show you how easy it is to get you and your family organized. We’ll show you how to access your cloud and quickly upload important documents, images, and videos. We’ll guide you through creating custom folders, and organizing your vault. Our goal is for you to use POM Vault as the centerpiece of your family, a place to hold your legacy, and to one day only ever touch an important piece of paper once.

Once you’ve gotten all of your login credentials and have reset your passwords, it’s time to start getting organized.

Let’s dive into the POM Vault. 

1. Sign in to Access Your Vault’s Account Information

With the first set of login credentials sent to your email, visit and click the person icon in the upper right corner. Enter your information and click Log In.

Here you will see your vault’s web address of your personal, private cloud as well as a vault login button.

2. Log Into Your Vault

Press the “Vault Login” button, and use the second set of credentials sent to your email to log in and access your private cloud.

3. Your Home Screen Dashboard

Your dashboard is personalized to only files and folders that are in your POM Vault. You can quickly see how many documents you’ve uploaded and how much storage you are using. You can also view your recent documents on the left side of the dashboard, as well as files and folders you’ve starred and shared.

4. 9 Special Situation Lockboxes

Click on the “My Cloud” menu button and select “Vault.” Under 1.POMVAULT, you’ll see a list of folders we call Special Situation Lockboxes where you can start uploading your family’s most important documentation relating to life’s most crucial situations. As with all the lockboxes, you can give special permission to certain people to access specific lockboxes.

5. Open Your Vault

Click on 1. POMVAULT to enter your vault. You’ll see dozens of established category lockboxes to help you organize. Browse the various lockboxes to see how easy we’ve made it for you to store every important piece of paper.

6. Upload Folders and Documents

It’s almost too easy! In the right corner above category lockboxes, select “Add Files and Folders.” From here, you can easily upload a file to any folder or add a custom folder of your own.

7. What You Can Do With Your Files

Now that you have a document uploaded, you have a number of things you can do with it. Hover your mouse over the date you uploaded your file and you will find action icons. You can preview your photo, download it, share it, copy it, move it within your vault, delete it, or lock it.

8. Add a Note

If there’s a story that goes along with a photo, a travel journey you’re transcribing, or letters you are writing for your children, you can add a text note to any of your folders.

9. Search for Things Your Vault

The search bar appears on top of every screen in your vault. The search will only produce results of items uploaded to your personal vault. It will show you a dropdown list of everything in your vault that contains that search keyword.

Start Using Your POM Vault!

While there are many other features of the POM Vault such as keyholder access and note writing, this is a good starting point to get familiar with your vault. Keep an eye out for more tutorials and guides on how to get the most out of your vault. For now, check out 24 documents you can add to your vault!

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