30 Question to Ask Your Parents While You Still Can

It’s hard to imagine life without our parents. They’re the cornerstone of our families, and have carried us through life with their love, wisdom, and experience. We watch our friends and family experience the grief of losing a parent, and it’s hard to comprehend what they are going through. We know the day will come that we lose our own parents, but it will never seem real until it happens. 

Can we prepare for this experience? Can we prepare for the loss of a parent as well as all the information and knowledge they have yet to share with us? While we share the cherished memories, there is something we can do now – interview them. 

Here is a list of questions to ask your parents now before they are gone.

  1. What were your parents’ occupations?
  2. What do you remember most about your parents?
  3. What is a memory you have of your brothers and sisters growing up?
  4. What’s the craziest thing you did with your best friends growing up?
  5. What’s some advice your parents gave you that you want me to pass to my children?
  6. Are there any sayings that really ring true to you?
  7. What’s something I don’t understand now, but will when I’m older?
  8. What advice do you wish someone told you sooner?
  9. What were you most wrong about in life?
  10. What was your greatest accomplishment?
  11. What made you successful at work?
  12. What event in your life tested you the most?
  13. What are the three best decisions you ever made?
  14. What was your wedding like?
  15. What are you most thankful for?
  16. What were you mom and dad like? And your brothers and sisters?
  17. What do you wish you could tell your younger self?
  18. Who is your favorite music artist, and what is your favorite song?
  19. Do you remember your grandparents? Tell me what they were like.
  20. What branch were you in the armed forces? When? Where? What rank? (if applicable)
  21. Was there a person who impacted the course of your life?
  22. What is your first memory?
  23. What is something I still don’t know about you?
  24. What is your favorite place you’ve visited?
  25. What was your greatest adventure?
  26. Who were you named after, and why?
  27. What are your most cherished memories with your spouse?
  28. Can you help me fill in a family tree for me and tell me who everyone is?
  29. Do you have any final wishes?
  30. Where are your important documents located?
    1. Will, advance directive, bank account information, deeds, titles, retirement funds, birth certificate, and health insurance, home insurance.

After the Interview with Your Parents

Whether you transcripted the interview, recorded audio, or filmed your parents talking, you’ll want to put the interview somewhere safe. The goal is to share the wisdom with future generations so your parents’ knowledge and legacy lives on.

POM Vault is the perfect place to store your interview. POM Vault was created for families to store their most important paperwork and memories in one place. One place to store photos, bank information, wills, insurance, legal documents, and whatever is important to you.

You can access that information at any time from anywhere, so you can share your parent’s stories with your family whenever and wherever you are.

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