24 Family Documents to Add to Your POM Vault

Do you know where your important family documents are? How about your birth certificate? Or the warranties for your kitchen appliances? What about the receipt to the TV you need to return? 

Signing up to become a Vaultholder with POM Vault is the first step toward getting all of your life’s paperwork organized. Everything important to you will be in one safe place. And you can save yourself endless amounts of time and stress fumbling around trying to find paperwork when you need it.

  1. Birth Certificates
    • How many times have you spent hours looking for, and stressing over, not being able to find a family member’s birth certificate. This can be easily prevented by simply scanning and placing them right into your vault’s birth certificate lockbox.
  2. Family Photos and Videos
    • As technology continues to advance, it becomes more and more difficult to keep up with maintaining older media. Family photos and videos are precious, and can get damaged over time. It’s important these family documents stay safe, organised, and accessible for years to come. 
  3. Insurance Cards
    • Insurance cards are so easy to lose and even harder to find once they’re gone. Scan these documents to your vault to prevent yourself from having to continue going through the process of ordering new ones. 
  4. Auto Policies 
    • You don’t need to have your auto policies on hand on a daily basis, but when you do need them, it’s nice to be able to know exactly where they are, the moment you need them. 
  5. Health and Life Insurance Policies
    • If you need answers right away, you’ll know exactly where to look to find these important family documents. Imagine being on the phone with your healthcare provider and they need to know a piece of insurance information. Instead of having to put them on hold or call them back, you know you can rely on your vault to find it right away.
  6. Children’s schoolwork
    • Do you have piles of your child’s artwork or old report cards you can’t seem to throw away. Save them with less clutter in your vault!
  7. Receipts 
    • Accumulation of crumpled receipts can become overwhelming, very fast. Whether you are doing your taxes, need to return something, or just need a proof of purchase for any reason, you’ll be able to upload all those receipts to your vault. 
  8. Certifications and Licenses
    • Having certifications and licenses on hand and knowing exactly where to find them can be beneficial when uploading a resume or CV for a job application. 
  9. Housing Deeds
    • Losing the deed to your home could be a nightmare if you don’t have it backed up and filed somewhere. Don’t risk having to stress over finding this crucial family document.
  10. Lease Agreements
    • It’s vital to always know where to find a leasing agreement. Whether you are trying to find out information about your lease, breaking or renewing a lease, or seeking legal advice about your lease, you’ll need to have this on hand. 
  11. Bills
    • Filing bills as paperwork rather than digitally is a thing of the past. Paper can add up and quickly become messy and unsightly in your home. This is preventable when you become a Vaultholder with POM.
  12. Personal Letters
    • It would be heartbreaking to lose your last letter from a family member, or even a sweet note from your child. You can store these things with peace of mind and be able to read them whenever you want. 
  13. Pay stubs
    • It’s never a smart idea to throw out paystubs or have them unorganized. With your vault, you’ll be able to properly organize your pay stubs and keep them all in one place. 
  14. Legal Documents
    • Having organized legal documents that are easy to find will always come in handy when working with an attorney. Having all of your necessary documents available could make the difference between winning or losing a case. 
  15. Financial Documents
    • Having all of your finances in order is easy when you know where to find everything and you can find them quick! 
  16. Account Statements
    • Oftentimes, we find ourselves needing to look up an account number when paying bills or logging into an account online. The time you’re wasting searching for what you need is easily preventable when you know exactly where to look.
  17. Password Documents
    • We all know how irritating it can be to have to reset your passwords every time you login an online account. Keep all of your passwords safe, secure, and handy. 
  18. Old Family Recipes 
    • Over time, family recipe cards can become difficult to read. Keep passing these yummy recipes down for as long as you can by scanning them into your vault.
  19. Education Records  
    • Diplomas and educational certificates can easily get lost or forgotten about as time goes by. These are important documents that you worked hard for and earned – don’t regret losing them!  
  20. Tax Receipts and Information on Deductions 
    • You’ll be so thankful that you stored all of these documents in your vault come tax time! Think about all of the time, effort, and money you’ll be able to save when you have everything you need organized in one place. 
  21. Wills
    • In the event you, or someone else, needs access to your will, do you know where it is? This important document can help prevent family disputes when you pass away. Definitely one you don’t want to lose. 
  22. Warranties 
    • Losing proof of a warranty could cost you tons of money in the long run. Don’t risk not knowing whether something is still under warranty. Keep it safely stored away. 
  23. Appraisals 
    • Buying or selling a house can easily add extra stress to your life. Why make it more complicated and difficult than it needs to be. You should know where everything is right when you need it.
  24. Instructional documents 
    • How many times have you bought a new electronic or appliance and realized you actually should have read the instructions? You go back to find them and realize they’re lost. Now what? This is preventable with one simple sign-up. 

The list of important family documents you can secure in your vault can go on and on! Try POMVault free for 30 days and see how easily your life can get organized! So, what are you going to upload to your digital vault first?

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