Benefits of the POM Vault

Being prepared helps assure Peace of Mind. Being protected, being organized, and having a secure vault to keep everything safe, private, and accessible for when you need it – is the principal reason to become a member.

In Your Private Cloud.

  • Digital POM Vault with Unlimited Lockboxes.
  • Family Emergency Network: Worldwide Mobile Access 24/7.
  • Disaster Prep: Complete family information accessible via mobile after fire, flood, earthquake, tornado, hurricane.
  • Family Overseer: Monitoring Seniors Who Need Special Care
  • Password Backup and Digital Management Guidance.
  • Reduce Estate Settlement Costs: Preparation Guidance.
  • Digital Assets - store assets such as music, digital currency passwords, NFTs and more.

1. One place for everything

Your information is your responsibility and it’s important to keep it organized and accessible at a moment's notice. POM Vault allows you to keep all your information secure in one place where you have complete control of access with instant availability.

2. Your personal cloud can contain a lifetime of information

Our Vaultholders start with 20GB of storage. This amount of storage can contain thousands of documents and photos. Your private cloud can be increased at any time. Lots of storage is great, but it is organization and searchable content that makes it fabulous.

3. Private and secure

POM Vault takes privacy seriously. All your files are stored in secure lockboxes within the POM Vault. Only you can access these lockboxes and grant access to keyholders. We have the highest grade security, end-to-end 256k encryption, the same as banks, investment companies, and governments. Our privacy standards are the highest. No one, not even our staff can access your vault but you.

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