Gain Peace of Mind for You and Your Family

Family turmoil can be caused by many factors beyond your control. Accidents, natural disasters, medical emergencies, unexpected death and even tax audits. When situations threaten to spin out of control, know you have prepared to face the unexpected because you are a Vaultholder of the POM Vault.

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We assist our members in preparing to face the unexpected.

How? By guiding members on how to actively organize their important family information and placing it in their private POM Vault. Critical family information can be safely accessed from anywhere to use immediately. The POM Vault is located in a private, personal cloud, accessible only by the Vaultholder and those to whom the Vaultholder grants access.

Flexible, Powerful and Yet Easy to Use.

Our Vaultholders place all their important documents, family photos, videos and historic information into pre-organized, secure “digital lockboxes” in their POM Vault. The POM Vault has an unlimited number of lockboxes, able to accommodate the largest, most complex family information needs.

The Vaultholder can open any lockbox at any time. The Vaultholder can authorize “keyholder” access to one or more lockboxes.

30-Day Free Trial

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Media Interviews

Watch an Interview on Buzz TV, shown on the Jacksonville, FL ABC affiliate Channel 25. Shep Harmon gives a simple explanation of POM Vault's benefits and features.

Channel 25 - WJXX TV Interview with Shep Harmon, Founder of POM Vault.

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